File utilities

This section provides information on how to use the other Python modules in the tools package to help manage gprMax files.

This modules assists with the process of migrating input files from the syntax of the old (pre v.3) version of gprMax to the new syntax. It will produce a new input file with the old syntax (attempted to be!) translated to the new syntax. Usage (from the top-level gprMax directory) is:

python -m tools.inputfile_new2old inputfile

where inputfile is the name of input file including the path.

gprMax produces a separate output file for each trace (A-scan) in a B-scan. This module combines the separate output files into a single file, and offers to remove the separate output files afterwards. Usage (from the top-level gprMax directory) is:

python -m tools.outputfiles_merge basefilename modelruns


  • basefilename is the base name file of the output file series, e.g. for myoutput1.out, myoutput2.out the base file name would be myoutput
  • modelruns is the number of output files to combine